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Frequently Asked Questions

All vehicles that are operated on a Publicly maintained road are required to provide the DMV with Auto Insurance on the vehicle before receiving your Plates.
At least Louisiana state minimum requirement. Once we get to know our customers and their needs, we can then tailor your insurance needs accordingly while also giving you the best quote possible .
Insurance Policies vary wildly among our clients. Depending on your individual needs, we can give you the best quote possible to fit your situation.
We proudly serve the Ark-La-Tex area .
While we cannot guarantee this, We can absolutely try! We have several Companies to chose from, and letting them compete for your business almost always gets you the best deal possible. And most of the time, that means a reduction in your insurance rates!

Filing a Claim is easier than ever! You can call our office and we can walk you through the Claims process or even walk you through the Insurance companies App.

There is Not a waiting period but there is a State statute that requires you to file a claim that has occurred within 1 year of the date of the incident.

If you find yourself in an accident, Call the police immediately! Once on the scene, the police will file an accident report, get a copy of the accident report and take plenty of pictures from the scene of all vehicles involved as well as any other property damage. Once you are finished with the Police, Call us to help you easily file a claim with your insurance company.

Homeowners Replacement cost coverage insures your home at the current cost to rebuild your home including construction labor and materials. Replacement Cost also has protection against inflation. Most Mortgage Companies require Replacement Cost to be included in the Policy.

Insurance! No, REALLY, We can help you protect your Real Estate investments with everything from Ho-3’s to Ho-8 Policies to suit your needs. Give us a call, and lets discuss your insurance needs.

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